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​All sessions come with:

• Qualified & Certified Coach

• Coach Ratio 1:12 maximum
• Fully Insured & CRB Checked

• Expert Equipment & Training Aids

• Professionally Planned sessions

• Core skills learning phases

• Progressive learning phases

• Individual child progress reports (upon request)

​• Session Award stickers

• Stage Based Certificates & Rewards

• Block Player Awards



Magpie Sports Soccer Academy is a revolutionary new football coaching scheme provided by Magpie Sports LTD.


The Soccer Academy’s main aim is to get local players between the ages of 4 – 13 years old involved, bringing together a mixture of children from various schools in the area and helping create bonds between children of different schools and football clubs. This will result in a more affiliated region that will help bring attention to young players that spectators are not familiar with.


The hope is to build Magpie Sports Soccer Academy into a well-known foundation that can bring the possibility of placing talented players in a spotlight to be recognised by personnel who can provide further progress and allow a window of opportunity to progress to trails or even an invitation to join a professional academy.


If you have the belief that your child could reach such a level and share Magpie Sports’ ambition to make this a possibility through our Soccer Academy, then this may indeed be a stepping stone for your child to achieve greater things.


Magpie Sports Soccer Academy isn’t solely set on making young people stride to be the best, it is simply about placing them in an environment to provide them with an equal opportunity to develop talent and confidence, giving guidance along the way allowing them to reach their true potential.


Yes we aim to help improve their ability to perhaps go on to reach a higher level but that doesn’t mean we want them to forget what football should be all about at their age… having fun and mixing socially with their peers, in a safe and secure environment. We will ensure that all learning outcomes are carried out in the correct manner so they have only a positive result on the players involved.


A firm believer in using Football at an early age to not only build character but more essentially… help reveal it! The Soccer Academy will nurture each child on not only a physical level but more significantly a mental level.


Mental Factors we aim to improve include:


FOCUS                                        CO-ORDINATION                                     DISCIPLINE
TEAMWORK                                    CONFIDENCE                                           MEMORY
HUMILITY                                         CONTROL                                             RESPECT

Magpie Sports knows that a better mental understanding of the game, only enhances the capabilities of physical advancement.


the belief that your child could reach such a level and share Magpie Sports’ ambition to make this a possibility through our Soccer Academy, then this may indeed be a stepping stone for your child to achieve greater things


Many of us at an older age are driven to play football through our passion for the game, and in young people this isn’t much different. However, their passion is constructed through many more important factors, and with this in mind the aim is to balance both their passion and attitude into a constructive form of physical output, making sure that they know exactly how to express their ability in the appropriate way allowing maximum personal achievement.

Physical Factors we aim to improve include:

BALANCE                                          FITNESS                                                AGILITY
TECHNIQUE                                        SPEED                                             STRENGTH


Raw talent is best nurtured in the form of freedom to play and the freedom to express ability, hence all new inductees to the soccer academy will be placed into an environment that gives them exactly that, the freedom to play football the way they know how to. This being a suitable situation to use what skills and knowledge of football they currently have against others of the SAME and VARIED ability. This allows good judgement to be made on overall ability or ‘raw talent’ to further progress.


We are all aware that children grow and develop at different rates, but most sport and physical activity clubs still group them together according to their birth year. However Magpie Sports believes can cause a lack of development.


For example:Take 1 child with lots of ability and place him in a group lacking in ability in comparison. The child will no doubt stand out and excel but without a form of competition progress may be affected.


The same applies in contrast. A child who is lacking in ability being placed in a group of children who show more potential and skill may struggle, and may experience non-involvement as a result restricting progress.


This is why the academy will not work on an age specific basis, but be structured to accommodate the players into a setting that gives them an equal opportunity to progress.


The ‘3 stage structure’ will be used to filter a child into a suitable group, these are as follows:



This is the primary induction stage your child will be placed onto. It is designed on a strictly “for fun” basis, but will be used as a way of determining their level of ability. It is carried out with no serious elements and will have a ‘freedom to express’ only mentality. This can include:

  • Full match based sessions

  • Strictly for fun purposes

  • Minimal rules (no throw ins/corners)

  • Minimal interference coaching

This will make sessions be free-flowing and let them express their ability without restriction. This also allows more time to be spent playing the game.



This is the first progressive stage your child can reach. Many factors will be taken into consideration before this decision is to be made. If a point is reached where your child is showing signs of specific ability and seems capable of progressing from the ‘Breakthrough’ stage then they will be put forward to join our ‘development’ sessions. This can include:

  • Mental approach – they themselves are wanting to progress and learn the game in more depth, with the correct maturity

  • Physical approach – they show capabilities more than core skills

  • Skill ability – they are comfortable with the core skills involved including passing, dribbling and shooting



This is the final stage and only after taking into consideration many factors your will be assessed and chosen to move forward to learn the beautiful game in more depth with accordance to the level of ability they have shown. Factors include:

  • Mental approach – they have a passion to learn more and see the game in specific detail

  • Physical approach – they are hardworking and always looking to learn more

  • Skill ability – they exceed core skills and also possess tactical knowledge

These sessions will look into the game with more detail both physical and mentally, and allow development within the bigger picture.

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