Dec 16, 2017

Success for Wylam Rockets


9th December 2017 match report by Olivia Furniss


The kick off of this match was at 11am on Saturday 9th December 2017. The match was played by Wylam Rockets and Ashington Town with a great turnout of supporters for both teams . There was brilliant energy and some amazing goals from the teams! The match was played on one of the many pitches at Goals Gosforth.



Before kick off, both teams attended a training session which lasted for 30 minutes and our photo shows Kate Cole, who plays for the all girls team of Wylam Rockets football club.



The match was split into 4 quarters, all of which lasted 15 minutes. The match was the last of the season and was very exciting with the first goal 12 minutes in. The scorer was Ruby Render and just like that the quarter was over with Wylam leading 1-0.


The second quarter started with Hannah Cole up front and Wylam must be thankful for that decision because 2 minutes in, Hannah Cole scored a goal! So Wylam were still leading with 2-0! And as soon as that was over Ashington had a go for goal, but sadly was denied by the safe hands of Wylam’s goal keeper Emily. Ashington have another try straight away and magically there was a goal making it 2-1 to Wylam .


As the third quarter started, excitement mounted and the supporters were starting to get hysterical. And as if a blessing had been put on Wylam Rockets, Kate Cole scored another goal for her team making the score 3-1 to Wylam!


In the forth quarter both of the teams came out onto the pitch with fire in their bellies! After 10 minutes Wylam had a good go for goal but narrowly missed, hitting the crossbar. The match ended with some nail biting end to end play, but in the end Wylam were victorious with a solid 3-1 score line.


Ian the Manager of Wylam Rockets Football Club was quoted as saying “Brilliant passing, communication and fitness was demonstrated by the team today”. Hannah Cole commented “I really enjoyed playing in the match today and I am looking forward to next season”.


Wylam close the season with a convincing victory as they look forward to 2018.




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