Apr 25, 2017

Sports Day Mayhem


On Easter Sunday lots of family and friends held a fun sports day in Ovington.

We did egg and spoon races. 3 legged races. Sack races and we also had a egg throwing contest.

The best event was the Tug of war where all the children competed against each other.

My team won.


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  • sherylweatherley
    Jan 9, 2018

    I ran in the essity mini minors run i came 9th and did it in 8.42
  • sherylweatherley
    Jan 9, 2018

    TAG I also organised a game of tag with naseem and jenson. Naseem already knew how to play but i went through the rules anyways to make sure jenson understood
  • sherylweatherley
    Jan 9, 2018

    Stuck in the mud i organised a game of stuck in the mud with jenson and naseem i explained the rules to everybody so they knew what to do and i also did a demonstration to show them

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