Dec 18, 2017

Rugby games



Last time we went to Wallington I organised a game of pass and kick and beat the ball with my Dad, brother Will and friends.


The purpose of pass and kick was to kick or pass the rugby ball to someone else and they had to try and catch it. As quickly as possible, the person catching the ball had to then pass or kick it to someone else.


As well as being a lot of fun, the game was to help my brother with his catching, kicking and passing practice for Rugby Tots.


For beat the ball, players have to stand in a circle. I got my family and friends into a circle and explained what they had to do, which is the player with the rugby ball passes it to the person on their left or right. The player who first passed the ball has to run around the outside of the circle as fast as they can before the people in the circle pass the ball all of the way round. If the runner gets all of the way around the circle before the ball gets back, they get a point. Everyone really enjoyed this game.



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    Jan 9, 2018

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