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Feedback​ - Schools

Adderlane First School

Emma Potts (Head Teacher) April 2016


"Magpie sports have been involved with Adderlane for several years now but there involvement has increased since Easter last year. Adderlane works consistently with Chris to develop our Sports Premium action plan. This action plan ensures that we effectively spend our Sports Premium funding and that it has the maximum impact on our children's development. This progress is not simply in relation to the children's development in P.E. but also their social skills too.

Curriculum Lessons

Magpie sports ensure that all programmes of study are covered and that the lessons are delivered to Nursery, Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4. The lessons are age appropriate and exciting for the children.  Staff observe the lessons and therefore further develop their own professional development.

Early Years Lessons

Magpie sports deliver to Nursery and Reception. The lessons are well pitched and during observations the children make good progress from the beginning to the start of the session.

Lunchtime Clubs

Chris operates a wide variety of lunchtime clubs at Adderlane and this additional input polishes the skills developed in the lessons. 

After School Clubs

Chris has a rolling programme of after school clubs which we offer to both Key Stage 1 and 2. These include Athletics, Tennis, Tag rugby, Football and Multi skills. These are very well attended by the children.

Festival Clubs

Magpie sports organise very well attended festivals both in school and inter school. The opportunity for competitive sport has been greatly increased due to our involvement with Magpie sports.

Breakfast Clubs

Chris offers a wide range of physical activities during Breakfast club. From Wake up shake up activities to assault courses, all giving the children a stimulating start to the day.

Sports Days

Adderlane completely left the organisation of sports day to Magpie sports. The afternoon was well attended and the parents enjoyed the opportunity to take part in the carousel of activities. 

Awards and Initiatives

Change4Life has been coordinated by Magpie sports and the resources are used effectively. The Playmaker award has proved very beneficial in terms of developing the leadership skills of our Key Stage2 children. It has been especially rewarding to see our older children support younger children at festivals and during clubs."

Prudhoe Castle First School

Joanna Ward (Deputy Teacher) April 2016


"We have been delighted with Magpie Sports coverage of the curriculum, meeting our needs and providing high quality training of school sport for our staff.


We are happy with their Early Years provision. They made this suitable for our children and accessible for all.


The After School Club has been a great hit! Children have thoroughly enjoyed it and have learned lots of new and exciting skills. The range they offer is amazing!


The festivals have been a great opportunity for the children to put what they have been learning into a competitive occasion. They have thoroughly enjoyed these!


The football league has been a great celebration for us! The team are motivated and really feel as though they are valued for their skills and abilities!"

Stamfordham First School

Claire McKinney (Head Teacher) March 2013


"Magpie Sports provided high quality and well resouced after school clubs at Stamfordham First for children aged between 4 and 9 years old. The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, and quickly built excellent relationships with staff from Magpie Sports. We are delighted to recommend them to you, and without hesitation!"

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